Clearing Up Confusion Over Abbott’s Order

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There seems to be a great deal of confusion about what Governor Greg Abbott did earlier today.

In case you missed the left’s collective social media hissy fit, Gov. Abbott specified that mail-in ballots could be turned in to one location in each county during early voting.

It could have been worse for the left, Abbott could have completely rescinded an earlier proclamation and defaulted to the law which allows for mail ballots to 1) be mailed (hint: it’s in the name) or 2) be delivered in person on election day to the clerk’s office.

A plain reading of this first proclamation looks like what he’s allowing for today, a necessary clarification after hack liberal election officials in mainly in Houston and Austin set up a system to abuse the leeway granted by that order.

Specifically, they expanded the number of locations where ballots could be dropped off and accepting ballots in-person weeks before early voting is set to start.

Abbott gave an inch, and they took a mile. Now he’s correcting that disparity, and again, it could and should have arguably been worse.

Direct Action Texas is the only organization that’s been publicly calling for the curtailment of this provision.

Also, these folks with a history of ignoring the law are going to be counting the ballots as they go, a terrible practice that will undoubtedly lead to claims of malfeasance and potential lawsuits against results.

There are multiple reasons why it’s a good idea to limit the number of locations aside from the abuses by Hollins and DeBeauvoir.

Moving ballots should be limited. This ensures the chain of custody isn’t broken, potentially disenfranchising voters, and limits the risk ballots being lost.

Ballots being dropped off regionally may expose partisan trends, a problem that’s mitigated by having a single drop location in each county.

Contrary to suggestions, with adequate poll watchers, the mass dropping of harvested ballots was not going to be allowed. Instead, voters will have to sign a roster, show ID, and drop their ballot in a ballot box.

There will be mail-in ballot fraud this cycle as there is every cycle, and as with any equation, with an increase in the mail-in voting, there’s likely to be a proportional increase in abuse.

Wild assertions that hundreds of thousands of votes will be harvested undermines legitimate claims and cases that arise every year.

What Governor Abbott did today was mitigate the mess that his previous order created by adding clarity. It was a good move for election integrity and one that comes closer to following the rule of law.

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