Commentary: We Must Stand for Judge Alex Kim

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It’s in the news every day, families and freedom are under attack. Drake Pardo, James Younger, and Tinslee Lewis have all become household names, but their stories are not unique.

Democrats are using the legal system and organizations like Child Protective Services (CPS), Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), and even hospitals such as Cook Children’s to rip children from their families or even threaten their very lives.

It takes a bold Judge to stand in the gap, follow the constitution, and protect the lives and liberties of vulnerable children. One such Judge is Alex Kim of the 323rd District Court, the Family Court, and he is under threat. 

On February 20th at 12:15 p.m. at the Tarrant County Family Law Courthouse, located at, 200 E. Weatherford St., Fort Worth, there will be an open hearing. Its goal is to try to take CPS cases from Judge Kim’s Court and distribute them downtown.

Why? Groups like CPS and CASA do not want a judge that actually looks into the facts of the case and rules based on the law and the Constitution. Those groups want a rubber stamp and they know that Judge Kim does not fit that bill.

Those of us who voted for Judge Kim in 2018 were voting for rule of law and adherence to the principles that we hold dear, following the constitution and protecting liberty, no agendas, no legislation from the bench. Judge Kim has delivered exactly that. 

Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton have both spoken out against the 10-day rule that could have claimed the life of Tinslee Lewis. They released a joint statement January 2, 2020 saying, 

“The case of Tinslee Lewis is complex and heartbreaking, and the state will continue to support Ms. Lewis’s exhaustion of all legal options to ensure that Tinslee is given every chance at life. The Attorney General’s office is involved in the ongoing litigation, fighting to see that due process and the right to life are fully respected by Texas law. The Attorney General’s office will be supporting an appeal of this case to the Second Court of Appeals. The State of Texas is fully prepared to continue its support of Ms. Lewis in the Supreme Court if necessary. We are working diligently to do all we can to ensure that Tinslee and her family are provided the care and support that they seek.”

These words would have been worthless had it not been for Judge Kim issuing a temporary restraining order on November 10, 2019 and saving Tinslee’s precious life. If Judge Kim had not been brave enough to do his duty, Tinslee would no longer be alive. She never would have seen her first birthday.

Unfortunately, for Texans, Judge Kim has been persecuted for that decision ever since. This new hearing is just the latest in an effort to destroy a dedicated judge and stop similar efforts in the future.

There are countless other vulnerable children in Texas. Every day there are families having their parental rights taken away, not to protect the child, but to force an agenda. The threat is real.

Judge Alex Kim is willing to do the right thing and stand, we must now stand for him. If you are able, please attend the hearing in support of Judge Kim.

Will you stand, or will you allow more children and families to fall victim to an agenda?


A Grassroots Activist

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