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Justice Larry Doss was victorious in his election contest and will have a new election against his challenger Steven Denny. Denny won the race for the 7th Court of Appeals by 319 votes, however, it was later discovered that Cochran and Collingsworth Counties omitted this race from their ballots. The citizens of those counties were disenfranchised, and their votes and voices were taken from them.

That was the general ruling of Judge Stacy Trotter of the 358th District Court. He stated that the omissions kept “1,214 eligible voters from Cochran and Collingsworth counties from participating in this election and voting for and selecting the candidate of their choice.”

It is comforting to know that there are courts in Texas that still protect the constitutional rights of citizens. The citizens of all 46 counties in the 7th Court of Appeals District should see this race on their Republican Primary Runoff ballot in July.

The ruling now begs the question, why did Doss have to pay for a contest when this race so clearly should have been voided? Direct Action Texas has reached out to the Republican Party of Texas and the Republican Party County Chairmen of both Cochran and Collingsworth for comment on why these races were certified, but we have received no responses. 

Dallas County Elections Administrator Toni Pippins Poole, hardly the shining example on running elections, found an error in her county’s election and brought it to a judge to find a solution herself. A candidate was not forced to pay the thousands in legal fees to file an election contest. This would have been a much better course of action in the cases of Cochran and Collingsworth Counties. 

The oversight was clear and glaring. This race should never have been certified. The placing of blame doesn’t matter. Numerous people made this mistake and the candidate was not the only one to suffer from it. Sure, it could be said that the candidate may have lost because he didn’t check that he was on every ballot, but that misses the entire point of the election. It’s not about the candidate, it is about the people having the constitutional right to choose their representative. The certification of the race violated that right. It was a Republican Party election and the Republican Party should have made an immediate plea to the judiciary for a new election. 

Texas cannot continue to blindly certify elections. Call your State Senator and Representative and ask for legislation on this next session.

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