Dallas County Encourages Citizens to Commit Fraud

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In a vote of 4-1 the Dallas County Commissioners Court voted to encourage voters to commit fraud by marking themselves as disabled on applications for ballot by mail when they are in fact healthy. The resolution contradicts Texas law and a recent advisory letter from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

As outlined in a previous DAT article, this action isn’t truly about protecting the health and safety of citizens, but about increasing voting by mail.

DAT’s own work, as well as the efforts of Starr County District Attorney Omar Escobar, and others, have shown mail-in voting to be extremely vulnerable to vote harvesting, theft of ballots, forgery, and other forms of fraud. This Dallas County decision endorses one of those fraudulent activities, falsely claiming disability.

The resolution was put forward by Commissioner John Wiley Price and seconded by Commissioner Theresa Daniel. Price defended his resolution by speaking about the practices of ballot by mail in other states such as Oregon and Washington. He fails to recognize that those states adopted ballot by mail through their legislatures and Governors, not County officials thwarting the established law. 

Commissioner Daniel inquired about the status of a court case originated in Travis County. That Judge ruled that all eligible voters should be able to vote by mail during the COVID-19 epidemic. It should be noted that the ruling did not say for voters to commit fraud by marking themselves disabled, it indicated that all applications for ballot by mail be accepted. Despite this ruling, AG Paxton has appealed the Travis County decision and it is likely to be overturned by the higher court. With the knowledge of the appeal and legal ramifications, Daniel voted to pass the resolution.

Commissioner Elba Garcia defended her vote for the resolution with fake news. She falsely stated that Wisconsin had deaths directly linked to voting in that state. Her statement was completely untrue. (Read HERE for details) She also made a weak attempt at asserting that election fraud is a myth when her own county has seen recent evidence. Perhaps she missed the Dallas Morning News article, the story on CBS Dallas, or the detailed series done by Jason Whitely on WFAA.

The voices speaking against the resolution were Commissioner J.J. Koch and the vast majority of citizens in the public comments. One of the citizens applauded Price for encouraging the reopening of businesses but called him out on his hypocrisy for saying it is safe to do business but not to vote.

Koch began by reading the letter from AG Paxton into the record. He also read the communication from Elections Administrator Toni Pippins Poole stating that if someone falsely marks “disability” on an application, her office will not investigate. Commissioner Price was quick to point out that it isn’t her role to investigate, that falls on the DA. This means that if the court case is overturned and someone files a complaint, all ballots received from voters marking “disability” could be thrown out. 

Koch also pointed out the previous follies of the Commissioners Court regarding voting. The rush to Vote Centers resulted in chaos, the rush to new equipment resulted in having to spend millions on yet another new system, and now the rush to this resolution before the Appeals Court hears the case. He advised a wait and see approach so as not to confuse voters should the court decision be reversed. He stated that by going forward with the resolution, “we are encouraging commission of a crime.”  He further stated that expanding voting by mail in this way would be an “unmitigated opportunity for fraud.”

Russ Roden, Chief of the District Attorney’s Civil Division, advised the Court that they should “take [AG Paxton] at his word.” This was perhaps his effort to warn them they could face prosecution as indicated in the AG’s letter.

County Judge Clay Jenkins was the last to speak on the matter. He stated that this resolution indicated support for another choice of voting method for voters and admitted, “this resolution does not change what the law is in Texas.”

Clearly, he knows this resolution is contrary to Texas Law. He attempts to claim expansion of voting by mail has bipartisan support, yet the counties calling for it, Harris and El Paso, are Democrat controlled. His own county has the lone Republican on the court voting against the resolution.

Today’s Commissioners Court Hearing was yet another in a long line of hearings that flaunt the law and push an agenda, one that could fraudulently alter the outcomes of future elections

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