Dallas Speaks Up About Mail in Ballot Fraud

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Check out this piece put out by reporter Naomi Martin of the Dallas Morning News. It details how these ballot harvesting operations work at the ground level and what’s going on right now in Dallas when it comes to mail in ballot fraud.

Prior to these numerous news stories about ballot fraud in West Dallas, Direct Action Texas, along with friends from Empower Texans, had already been down to Dallas County Elections reviewing thousands of mail in ballot applications. The amount of fraud we found was staggering. However, we were in the early stages of our research when the news from West Dallas broke.

Unfortunately for those in Dallas, this problem is not just contained within the city’s west side, OR the city limits of Dallas. We found evidence of the same kind of ballot harvesting and forgery happening in other cities within Dallas County.

Thankfully though, leaders in Dallas, such as Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, and State Representative Eric Johnson have come out against this sort of fraud and say they support efforts to halt voter fraud in West Dallas and across the city.

The same cannot be said for leaders in Fort Worth. Our complaints and attempts to raise awareness about this issue there were met with inaction, accusations of racism and voter suppression, and threats of legal action by the federal justice department.

Jose Rodriguez is only one of at least a dozen other ballot harvesters preying on voters in the city of Dallas. Impersonating election officials, forging voter’s signatures, and stealing ballots out of voter’s mail boxes are just a few of the many ways these folks get away with stealing people’s votes.

The fact that voters are coming forward, taking initiative and filing complaints against those who are forging their signatures is great i’t’s something we need to see more of.

If you, or someone you know has received a mail in ballot you did not request, you may have been the target of these ballot harvesting operations.

Call Dallas County at: (214) 819-6300 to file a complaint. 

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