DAT Filed 30 New Election Fraud Complaints in Nueces County

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Robstown, just outside of Corpus Christi, elects its city council in November. Shortly after the Nov. 7th, 2017 election DAT was contacted by a candidate and his wife about irregularities in the mail in ballots. As we’ve seen before, this candidate won in person early and in person election day voting, but lost by mail in ballots. As a matter of fact, the mayor’s entire slate won with roughly the same number of mail in ballots across the board. After reviewing the evidence and conducting some field interviews, Direct Action Texas has filed 30 election violations with the Secretary of State (SoS) and the Office of the Attorney General (OAG).

Mail in ballot fraud is not new to Nueces County. The OAG already has an ongoing investigation in Nueces County from the 2016 municipal election. That investigation in some ways is bigger than Dallas or Tarrant because it involves both in person and mail in ballot violations. What makes this last November election’s violations so unique, is they carried out their mail in fraud even after they knew the OAG and others would be watching. This is a brazen group, headed up by none other than the mayor of Robstown – Mandy Barrera. She is the subject of several of our complaints. Barrera’s slate of candidates received 142, 142, 137, 130, 130, and 133 mail in ballots each. See a pattern? Looking at individual candidates, for example Victor Orona vs. Juan Padilla, Orona received 684 to Padilla’s 633 in person votes – when actual people showed up, but the mail in ballots went 133 to 50 against Orona. Reviewing the mail in ballot applications and carrier envelopes, we found the hand writing discrepancies Direct Action Texas has come to expect.

What we found in Nueces is more of the same – harvested ballots, the very election fraud democrats continue to deny exists. First we found the usual dozens of applications with matching handwriting. Mayor Barrera’s handwriting is especially distinctive. Her handwriting appears on numerous applications and on some, she lists herself as an assistant, but on others she fails to do so, violating Section 84.003 of the Election Code. An example of this is the application of voter Rinaldin Gonzalez. In his case, the validity of the signatures is also in question.

Another distinctive handwriting is that of Rose Flores, mother of a Nueces County Constable as well as the Chief of Police, who was appointed by Barrera. According to an interview of Alicia Zavala, Flores assisted Zavala and her husband with their ballots, but failed to fill out the assistant portion of the carrier envelope. This is a violation of Section 86.o1o of the Election Code.

We also found forgery, a violation of Penal Code 32.21, on the application of Beatriz Vasquez and others. In the case of Vasquez. She is listed in the voter rolls as “Beatriz” and signs her name that way on her carrier envelope, yet her application has her name both printed and signed as “Beatrice.” Did she forget how to spell her own name on her application?

The Nueces County Clerk, Kara Sands, reached out to the OAG for help during the election. She was watching these applications and carrier envelopes come in daily and needed someone to assist her. Once we received the call from the candidate, DAT also called the OAG hoping they would take action while the fraud was happening in real time. What we discovered is Texans have no one to turn to in these situations. The OAG’s response was simply – “file a report we’ll get to it when we can.” They simply do not have the resources. We sat by watching fraudulent ballots come in day after day, and there is literally no law enforcement in Texas who can do anything about it. This has to change!

On December 1, 2017 these activities became felonies, thanks to SB5. This is a crucial point as the runoff in December had the same violations. DAT will be filing those complaints soon. But we still have the same problem – who do we turn to? Where do Texans turn? Waiting for legislative reforms is simply too little too late. This is not a victimless crime. I’ve met the candidates and spouses who were cheated, not just out of the election but their personal financial savings accounts and the time they put into their campaigns. Who is going to seek justice for the candidates? DAT is exploring the answers to those questions and we will seek any and all remedies we find.

READ FULL COMPLAINTS HERE: (names shown are of the voters harvested, not the offenders)

Beatriz Vasquez, Alicia Zavala, Rinaldin Gonzalez, Maria Lerma, Enedina Rodriquez, Emma Sanchez, Ramon SandovalCarmen Robles, Anna Jamarillo, Sylvia Idrogo, Isabel Carrion, Isaias Barboza, Mary Valdez, Manuel Zavala, Hilda Salas, Maria Favela, Cruz Favela, Guadalupe Calderon, Azucena Barrera, Roberto Alaniz, Maximo Florez, Esperanza Garcia, Longina Ramirez, Enrique Rios, Manuel Rios, Connie Salinas, Jose Suarez, Jesusa Vergara, Beatriz Villareal.


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