DAT Files Judicial Complaint Against Kimberly Fitzpatrick

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Today Direct Action Texas filed a complaint with the State Commission on Judicial Conduct against Kimberly Fitzpatrick. This is the body which oversees both judges as well as judicial candidates.

Judicial candidates and judges are to abide by Canons of judicial conduct. They can be found HERE. Canon 5(2) reads: “A judge or judicial candidate shall not authorize the public use of his or her name endorsing another candidate for any public office”. Fitzpatrick has endorsed a candidate in a congressional race (whom I support as well) appearing on the same ballot with her in the primary and again in the runoff election.  Let’s be clear, Ron Wright, as a congressional candidate, has not committed a violation and has no reason to know the law for judicial candidates, rather it is Fitzpatrick who cannot give out her endorsement to others. Fitzpatrick touts her 8 years as an attorney and her legal prowess yet doesn’t seem to understand basic judicial ethics Canons.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen judicial candidates who do not understand the law. Earlier this cycle DAT filed a complaint, which was upheld by the Texas Ethics Commission, against Catherine Goodman. We also uncovered a judge who flat out broke the law and forged signatures to get on the ballot, and let’s not forget the ethically challenged Judge Jacqueline Wright whose list of ethical problems is too long to list, with a new complaint to follow.

Fitzpatrick either does not know the law or simply doesn’t think she should be held to it. Questions about Fitzpatrick do not end with her endorsements. Fitzpatrick’s campaign finance reports reveal some interesting associations. Of note, she is supported by Andrew Piel, Tony Tinderholt’s last opponent, well known Fort Worth lawyer and liberal republican Dee Kelly who consistently opposes conservatives, and most importantly her law partner, Mansfield’s mayor, David Cook. Cook began the process of taking meetings and forming a campaign to primary Tarrant County’s rock star Senator Konni Burton before realizing he could not win that race. David Cook, Dee Kelly, and that crowd believe Konni is simply too conservative for them. The lineup for folks backing Fitzpatrick seem to be all those who oppose the conservatives the grassroots have worked tirelessly for.

She currently finds herself in a runoff for the 342nd District Court against Pat Gallagher. Runoff voters need to be informed as they head to the polls on May 22nd.  These runoffs matter.




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