DAT Statement on State of the State Address

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AUSTIN, TEXAS — Election integrity, now an emergency item, must be shrewdly addressed during the 2021 legislative session to ensure trust in Texas elections moving forward.

Yesterday Governor Greg Abbott set out his emergency priorities for the session, including election integrity.

Direct Action Texas applauds this decision and will ensure measures aimed at accomplishing this end are effective and understood by our network of activists around the state.

There are multiple areas where elections need attention to ensure they’re fair and free from fraud. DAT has identified three items as paramount: providing accurate voter rolls, barring big tech from interfering in our elections, and clarifying mail-in ballot procedures.

In this season, piddling on the margins and calling it election integrity won’t do, and watchdog groups will have a tighter strike zone in 2021.

Past efforts to make Texas elections more secure, including passage of voter ID, while initially hammered in the press, have become widely accepted as common sense and overcome false claims of suppression.

Leadership will require lawmakers to look past spun up faux rage in the present to press through to a brighter future.

Direct Action Texas is a premier election integrity watchdog. You can learn more about our work at www.DirectActionTX.com.

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