DAT Files Election Complaint on Dallas County – 4th County

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Today Direct Action Texas (DAT) filed its 4th criminal complaint with the Texas Secretary of State’s office regarding election violations in as many counties.

This last Monday Dallas’ ABC affiliate ran a report on voters who have complained about receiving ballots which they did not apply for. When they requested copies of their alleged applications, voters told reports the handwriting is not theirs, nor the signature. (Watch the WFAA story here)

This came as no surprise to Direct Action Texas, we recognized the handwriting on the application shown on the screen as that of Jose Rodriquez. DAT has compiled an extensive amount of evidence on Mr. Rodriguez.

Our complaint of voter harvesting operations in Dallas County included multiple elected officials and canvassers across the county. This comes as no surprise to anyone who follows Dallas County politics. “Dallas County is home to Domingo Garcia, the Medranos – one of which was removed from office in 2010 for having won thru ballot harvesting, former State Rep. Terri Hodge who was convicted of election fraud, and many other known shady characters.” confirmed Aaron Harris, DAT’s executive director.  Oddly enough Hodge is again very active in harvesting and a major player in the evidence DAT has compiled. Earlier this year DAT attended a democratic training workshop where she taught attendees to harvest mail in ballots reminding them explicitly to target the mentally and physically challenged in their community. This is what passed as official democrat party training.

Direct Action Texas has now filed election integrity complaints in four counties: Hill, Tarrant, Harrison and Dallas County. Hill, Tarrant and Harrison have ongoing active criminal investigations by the Office of the Attorney General of Texas.

Due to our investigations we have learned that there is no person or organization in the State of Texas with the job to insure the integrity of our elections. NO ONE. We call upon Governor Abbott, Speaker Straus and Lt. Gov. Patrick to make this a priority. The amount of irrefutable evidence DAT has uncovered demands we enact reforms and fix this very serious situation.






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