Democrat Judge Blocks Removal of Non-citizen Voters

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San Antonio U.S. District Court Judge Fred Biery has ruled that non-citizens cannot be removed from Texas voter rolls without checking with him first.

The ruling has been criticized as judicial overreach and a decision that needs to be challenged.

The ruling handed down Wednesday was issued despite non-citizens in the past month voluntarily asking to be removed from voter rolls and in some cases illegally voting.

Following the announcement of the order, Attorney General Paxton’s office released a statement criticizing Biery for issuing a ruling that, “deprives state and county election officials of the capacity to faithfully execute their duties under state and federal law.”

Additionally, in the last month, according to the secretary of state’s office, 1,000 non-citizens have been identified using recent Department of Public Safety records as being registered to vote. These voters need to be removed from voter rolls.

In mid-January, Secretary of State David Whitley’s office released a list of potential non-citizens to counties for verification after current voter registrations were compared to Department of Public Safety records. This is objectionable to many on the left who defend against any efforts to maintain voter rolls devoid of illegal voters.

The judge’s ruling and ongoing legal challenges by obstructionist left-wing groups and politicians undermine our electoral system.

Meanwhile, WFAA is reporting, hundreds if not thousands of felons illegally voted in the November 2018 election.

Judge Biery, was appointed by Bill Clinton to U.S. District Judge in 1994. Counted among his accolades, Biery was named Outstanding Young Democrat of Bexar County, in 1978. In 1990, Biery was a failed candidate for the Texas Supreme Court. At the time, Biery was identified as a trial lawyer loss and decline in clout.

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