Democrat Request Should be Rejected

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On Monday, Texas Democrats officially petitioned the Texas Secretary of State for universal mail-in balloting for spring elections.

The Democrat political maneuver, is thinly veiled in the interest of public health, was anticipated and should be rejected.

Local elections, low turnout affairs in their own right, and primary run-offs take place in early and late May respectively.

While it’s possible May elections will need to be rescheduled to allow more time for COVID19 to run its course, there is no good reason to require 100% balloting by mail or expanding voting by mail and ample reason against such a move.

As has been previously pointed out, balloting by mail is available to Texans over 65 and those with health conditions. These groups of individuals, considered high-risk to COVID19 are already protected from having to visit the voting booth.

There is no indication 100% ballot by mail would be a workable solution for election administrators and it would be prone to fraud. Mail-in votes are harvested every election cycle, depriving voters of their civil rights.

Precautions to limit the spread of COVID19 in May, June or July, should the elections be moved, should include cleaning stations and safety equipment for election workers.

While short term drastic measures will be needed in March and April as the “Corona curve” is flattened, it’s important to remember life will eventually return to normal.

In China and elsewhere, the virus has been managed with distancing, testing and quarantining regimes. Cases in China peaked in mid-February from the virus’s start in early December.

Yesterday, Governor Greg Abbott moved a special election for Senate District 14 to July 14. Prior to this COVID19 adjustment, the election had been set for May 2. Abbott told KFDX that decisions about May elections will need to happen quickly and an announcement would be forthcoming.

When it comes to election administration, Democrats in Texas have proven time and again to be operating in bad faith. Democrats have even shown they are speaking out of both sides of their mouths when it comes to COVID19.

When Gov. Abbott moved the special election for Senate District 14 to July, Democrats including Rep. Donnan Howard groused on social media about the ten weeks that residents of SD 14 would be “without” a Senator.

These are the same Democrats who have a track record of suing to stop Texas from ensuring fair execution of Texas elections.

In 2019, on the heels of a sweetheart legal agreement that allowed non-citizens to remain on Texas voter rolls, Democrats stuffed Gov. Abbott’s longtime aide David Whitley’s confirmation.

The Secretary of State serves at the pleasure of the Governor

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