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WACO, TEXAS — Progressive activists have been aggressively working to undermine Texas elections, a push that is likely to continue.

The shape of these efforts includes subversion of election law by local officials, vexatious litigation, and seeding false narratives. Direct Action Texas (DAT) has been tracking these incursions all year.

Yesterday, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) tweeted she was headed to Georgia to make sure Democrats win two key Senate seats but did you know she had staffers monitoring Texas’ election?

Tarrant County’s recently completed election featured an AOC attache reported by DAT Board member Chris Putnam on Monday. While this activity may have been aimed at winning this election, the presence will also serve as information gathering for future cycles.

DAT will be watching for policies and activities, including extending the vote to non-citizens and illegal immigrants, being advocated nationwide in the coming weeks and months.

Texas lawmakers must move election integrity bills this session to fortify our elections against the machinations of the left.

Was there a national progressive presence in your county? Give us a call at 1-877-267-VOTE (8683) or send an email to so we can track this network of progressive activism in Texas elections.

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