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In the days following the 2020 election, media outlets and Democrat politicians are working on setting up a strawman on the topic of election fraud cases. The goal, minimize, and move past fraud as fast as possible.

Direct Action Texas has been investigating and proving mail-in ballot fraud for years, and there’s one thing in common with these efforts, they take time.

While there will be a tremendous amount of energy and manpower quickly allocated to swing states that will decide the presidential election, fraud in Texas elections will take more time to discover.

Senator Sarah Eckhardt yesterday suggested that evidence of election fraud in Texas should be presented immediately or forgotten. Sorry, that’s not how this works.

“Direct Action Texas is in the early stages of investigating several allegations of fraud following this election. There will be actionable complaints that arise from these starts,” according to Direct Action Texas Executive Director Daniel Greer.

In addition to applying an artificial and rapid time constraint, setting the bar at “mass” fraud isn’t the standard. One vote stolen or illegally cast is a vote that disenfranchises a legal vote, worth investigation, and prosecution.

Several Texas lawmakers and leaders have announced awards for election fraud tips that lead to prosecutions, including Lt. Governor Dan Patrick.

Before the election, Don Huffines, a Dallas-area businessman, and former Senator, announced a partnership with Direct Action Texas. To submit a tip, 1-877-267-VOTE (8683) or email

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