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TYLER, TX — Direct Action Texas condemns the apparent practice of unlimited anonymous voting being ignored and in some cases excused in the days following the 2020 election.

Poll watchers in Philadelphia have asserted that ballots were cast and counted despite there being no record of the voter in the poll book. Claims from other states suggest mail-in ballots cast by voters who had already voted were shifted to voters who had not.

Reports of votes being counted that were unattached or reallocated to voters on the rolls is added to the confirmed reports of voting system glitches misallocating votes and confirmed cases of dead individuals casting ballots.

“Claims of unlimited anonymous voting must be thoroughly investigated. Rushing to conclusions and eschewing allegations of fraud harms trust in the process,” said Daniel Greer, Direct Action Texas’ Executive Director.

While the totality of the fraud and mismanagement in this election remains unknown it appears to be great and widespread, a predictable outcome given the circumstances.

The likelihood of cheating in this election was highly plausible after half the population was primed to take out a media fabricated dictator. Also, very likely was misadministration due to rushed changes in this election was run.

“While declaring a winner may relieve pent up derangement suffered by the liberal elite, left-wing activists and media handmaidens it exacerbates tensions rather than relieving them,” Greer stated.

The left wants and will achieve unlimited anonymous voting if this election isn’t fought tooth and nail, regardless of the outcome.

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