DPS Affidavit: Poncho Nevarez Dropped his Cocaine

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On November 6, Representative Poncho Nevarez (Poncho) issued a press release stating he was immediately suspending his Facebook page.

He blamed Mark Zuckerberg.

Two days later, Poncho announced he would not be running for reelection but didn’t place blame. Maybe it was the envelope of cocaine he’s alleged to have dropped outside of an Austin airport.

On October 29 a search warrant was sworn out for a DNA sample from Poncho after he was linked to an envelope full of cocaine.

Here’s how it went down according to the affidavit attached to the search warrant.

On September 6 a pair of DPS employees at the TXDOT Flight Services location in Austin, Texas found a sealed white envelope on the ground outside of the terminal. Inside were four clear plastic baggies containing “white power.”

That powder was cocaine.

The envelope was white letterhead reading, “Office the State of Texas House of Representatives Member Poncho Nevarez.“ A review of video footage by DPS officers showed Poncho exiting the airport in burnt orange, dropping the sealed envelope and getting into an SUV driven by his chief of staff.

According to the affidavit, Poncho arrived in Austin that day flying a private Cessna T206 owned by the Nevarez Law Group. He was arriving from the Texas-Mexico border, where his legislative district is located.

It’s unclear if the DPS has subpoenaed Facebook for that deleted account.

This session Speaker Dennis Bonnen elevated Poncho to chair the Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee and he’s currently serving on the Mass Violence Prevention & Community Safety, Select Committee that former Representative Matt Rinaldi has suggested disbanding.

The lack of curiosity from the mainstream media in this instance is telling. A lawmaker abruptly bailing on social media and a reelection campaign at the early stages of what is likely to be a lengthy legislative career merits investigation.

A redacted copy of the affidavit is included below.

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