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Henderson County Judge Candidate Jeff Weinstein has apparently converted from Democrat to Republican just in time for his placement on the Republican Primary ballot. In conservative counties like Henderson, liberals know they won’t win as Democrats, so they suddenly switch parties. Weinstein may have donated to President Trump in 2017, but in 2015 and 2016 his donations went to Hillary Clinton, and before that he gave to Obama and Edwards.

Federal Election Commission (FEC) and Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) reports tell the tale. Weinstein supported John Edwards in 2007 and then Obama in 2008. In 2015, Weinstein donated $2700 to Hillary Clinton for America. In 2016, he donated $1775 to Hillary for America and $1000 to the Hillary Victory Fund. His donations show a long history of supporting Democrats. Then, suddenly, he donates $2700 to Donald Trump in 2017, after he has filed to run as a Republican for County Judge.

If Weinstein had an actual change of heart, he forgot to tell his donors. Lisa Baron of Dallas, who donated $1,100 to Weinstein, has given thousands to Democrats and Democrat organizations over the years. In addition to over $30,000 to Hillary Clinton, she donated to Democrats Beto O’Rourke, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Al Franken, just to name a few. She also funds ActBlue Texas, Annie’s List, Battleground Texas, and the Texas Democratic Party, all seeking to turn Texas blue.

Karen Petry of New York City also has a history of voting for Democrats nationwide. She has given thousands of dollars to Democrats from New York to Missouri and gave $2500 to Weinstein’s campaign. It seems odd that a rural County Judge race is attracting so much national attention. In fact, very few of Weinstein’s donors are actually from Henderson County. Of his 26 donors listed, only 7 list addresses in Henderson County. The rest are from the DFW area, Houston, Austin, Tyler, and outside of Texas.

The voters of Henderson County should ask Jeff Weinstein some tough questions about his donation history. How did he change from a Hillary Clinton supporter to a Donald Trump supporter in just one year? Anyone can make a website with conservative talking points. Many can deliver those talking points in campaign speeches. Few will live by them after they are elected. Will Weinstein? His history indicates he will not, but find out for yourself. Do your own homework.


For Weinstein’s Campaign Finance Report, click HERE.

For the FEC website’s search for individual donors, click HERE.

For the TEC website, click HERE.


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