Election Fraud – See the Video!

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The media and others will tell you constantly, “There is no election fraud”. However to anyone paying attention, it is more like a headline a day of voter fraud investigations.

Today we learned from an article in the Dallas Morning News that the Dallas District Attorney is investigating 1,200 applications for ballot by mail for this month’s primary, but the applications, in many cases, were filled out last year. This is the same area where there is an ongoing criminal investigation into vote harvesting.

Now comes this: Direct Action Texas received a video of a worker harvesting a ballot for Harold Dutton in last week’s Democrat primary. The video (below) shows a worker approaching a voter with that voter’s ballot in hand. The worker appears to have a stack of ballots in her hand. She clearly identifies herself with the Harold Dutton campaign, and proceeds to instruct the voter to check the box for Dutton and sign, and then she leaves with the ballot.

The worker commits several violations of election code, most of which are now felonies. The first question one should ask is why and how does she have the voter’s ballot? She clearly instructs the voters how to vote, another violation, then leaves with the ballot not having secured it in the carrier envelope.

The observer even asks if what she is doing is legal, to which the worker responds by bragging that she has “done 400 already”. The election code only allows someone to assist a voter who requests assistance and who is eligible for assistance. None of that appears to be the case in this video.

DAT will be reviewing the applications and carrier envelopes for this race, but given the historical patterns in these cases, I’d bet the voter never applied for a ballot, rather someone else applied on her behalf.

There is more to this story and DAT will dig in and publish a follow up as we have the facts.

The good news is last year Governor Abbott signed SB5 into law. SB5 made activities such as these a felony and gave prosecutors some of the tools they need to prosecute these violations.

This video is a great example of how voters are harvested over and over again in certain districts around Texas. Anyone still claiming election fraud doesn’t exists is intentionally ignoring the facts. We can only hope that legislators and prosecutors will begin to take these issues more seriously.

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