Election Fraud Uncovered Goes Under Covered

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Last week the Attorney General’s office announced three individuals were arrested for alleged election fraud.

The case itself stems from a 2018 election and votes believed to be harvested from assisted living facilities (more on this later in the week).

Rather than rehash what was disclosed, let’s take a look at two things that will not have been noted in coverage of this case to date.

First, predictably, the news was largely ignored by the mainstream media.

The hacks who fancy themselves journalists have a rule when election fraud is prosecuted, it should be ignored. Why? Because it cuts against the narrative they’ve been told to peddle, that elections aren’t being meddled with on an on-going basis.

It’s a sad state of affairs and why the media is distrusted now more than ever before. Shame is deserved and should be heaped on the ne’er-do-wells who claim to be reporting in the public interest.

Second, the idea that election fraud can be pinpointed, investigated, and proven in an abbreviated window is laughable. Remember, these charges are from 2018.

Why would anyone want a rushed investigation? It seems that if questions were surrounding the result of an election and credible claims of irregularities, that an investigation should be allowed time.

Similarly, legal proceedings should be allowed, and judges should avoid even the appearance of deflecting election cases for political reasons.

All of these things boil down to transparency at the end of the day, something lacking after the 2020 election and in too many elections before.

Currently, Direct Action Texas is fighting Travis County over election records requested the day after the election in December, which should have been turned over in 15 days, and cost no more than $50.

In too many locales, election officials hide the ball. It’s in part the fault of such practices that trust in elections is slipping.

Lawmakers must work to make elections more transparent and allow time for investigations before certifying results. 

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