Election Integrity and the RPT Platform

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The Republican Party of Texas State Convention is upon us. This is the party’s opportunity to decide where they stand on issues across the board, including election integrity.

In the past few election cycles, our elections have been revealed to be far less secure than we would hope. From vote harvesting, to attempted voter fraud, to foreign nations admitting they’ve tried to interfere in our elections, threats are at an all-time high.

“Voter fraud isn’t real!” a refrain we’ve all heard time and again. Meanwhile, in the last few years, DAT has uncovered countless examples of ballot harvesting, over-voting, and illegal voting all over the state of Texas.

In 2016, Hill County Republicans had a primary in which 9,038 ballots were cast*, but only 7,171 voters actually voted. There were over 1,800 votes counted with no voters to go with them, all the while, several races were decided by less than 100 votes.

In 2015, six people were convicted of felony voter fraud in Hidalgo County for harvesting mail in ballots fraudulently, preying on the elderly to try and cheat their opponents. The list of these types of fraud goes on and on. What seems like a problem limited to Chicago, and states run by political machines, is happening each and every cycle right here in Texas.

No matter where you stand on the issue of election fraud, one thing is for sure. A major factor in today’s all time high voter apathy is the lack of faith in the process by everyday citizens. One of the biggest things we can do to protect our votes on election day is to keep the process simple, and verifiable. Paper trails that enable us to go back and look at the results of an election are crucial in preventing fraud, and preventing electronic attacks on our elections, but also in assuring the public that the process is accurate. We saw this earlier this year in the Kaufman County Republican Primary where the County Court at Law race came down to one vote. Kaufman County utilizes an electronic / paper ballot hybrid system which maintains paper ballots in the case of a recount. A recount was called for and the paper ballots matched the published electronic results to a “T”. This provided a high level of assurance and confidence to the citizens of Kaufman County.

Plank 59 of our Republican Party Platform has been explicitly crafted to protect Texans from voter fraud, by guaranteeing the option of a verifiable paper trail that we can check against the results reported on election night.

Attempts to change this language, to shift to electronic-only systems, would place early and Election Day voting in serious jeopardy of the worst kind. Without the verifiable paper trail, electronic voting is susceptible to attacks that could compromise results, both in party primaries, and in November. I urge delegates to oppose such changes.

Republican activists around the state are fighting the good fight to put an end to voter fraud in Texas. Plank 59 is written to make it clear Republicans demand ballot integrity, and a verifiable paper trail for our elections.

Protect ballot integrity, protect Plank 59 of our Republican Party Platform.


*The numbers have changed multiple times since we exposed the problem. The numbers listed were the original published results.

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