Get Rid of Voter ID in TX?

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Last week it was widely reported that Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Democrats, freshly endued with power, proposed sweeping changes to our electoral system.

Texans need to be aware of troubling so-called progressive election law reforms trending nationally and being proposed in Texas.

Pelosi’s maneuver was called a power grab by Senate Republicans and is doomed to fail but the bill’s filing is a strong indicator of the attention Democrats have on altering elections via administration.

H.R. 1 would disrupt such things as keeping voter rolls updated by making it illegal for states to periodically remove voters and mandate automatic voter registration.

Both of these actions would have a negative impact on the accuracy of our elections, making them more susceptible to fraud and clerical mistakes.

Texans don’t have to look to Washington D.C. to witness efforts to roll back common sense election integrity. Last week, Democrats in Texas authored legislation to abolish Texas’ Voter ID law.

Representative Ron Reynolds (D-Missouri City) filed HB 526, a bill that strikes from current election law the use of identification.

Reynolds was most recently in the news following his early release from prison shortly before the legislative session. Originally convicted in 2015 on misdemeanor charges for illegally soliciting clients Reynolds served less than four months of a year-long prison sentence.

Reynolds bill has a companion in the Senate filed by Jose Menendez, SB 104.

In 2018, a federal appeals court ruled that Texas’ voter identification law did not discriminate against minority voters.

Similar to Pelosi’s effort, Reynold’s bill is likely to fail but the effort and its place within the greater trend are important to note.

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