Hill County Impounded!

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*Not actual scene at Hill County

*Not actual scene at Hill County

Yesterday the State of Texas impounded the ballots and other election equipment from Hill County’s March 1st primary election.

Direct Action Texas has been at the forefront of the Hill County primary fiasco. (See original article HERE and HERE.) Hill County Elections and the Republican Party of Hill County would have you believe there is nothing to see and that everything has been resolved. The fact is they have publicly admitted the published results are incorrect. (See press release HERE.) What we see in Hill County is an attempt to sweep this entire debacle under the rug. They were not counting on a watchful citizenry.

Hill County officials tried to explain away what happened, but the numbers simply don’t add up. Now the Attorney General has possession of the ballots. Unfortunately the investigators are severely hampered by an incredibly weak election and criminal codes, but I trust they will seek every possibly avenue to get answers for the citizens of Hill County.

Meanwhile, who is holding the Republican party accountable for certifying this election? Will you?




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