Illegal Immigrant Used Fake ID to Vote for 24 Years!

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Earlier this week we reported on a bill filed in Texas that seeks to end the use of Voter ID when voting.

Now, it’s being reported that an illegal immigrant used a fake ID to vote in Texas elections, and the same ID was used illegally for 24 years. He’s pled guilty and been sentenced to prison.

Yesterday, the San Antonio Express-News reported that Enrique Salazar Ortiz, of Elmendorf, will serve nearly three years.

While the identity stolen by Salazar had been used illegally to vote in elections dating back to 1994 he denied using it for that entire period of time.

A native of Mexico, Salazar was convicted on three counts including making a false statement, aggravated identity theft and unlawful voting by an illegal immigrant.

While Salazar took the extraordinary step to get a fake ID to vote, there are many non-citizens in Texas who have identification and are in error registered to vote.

In the fall of last year, Direct Action Texas broke the story that there are over 280,000 non-citizens registered to vote.

At a press conference announcing the news grassroots groups called on elected officials and administrators to clean up voter rolls and advocate for reforms to minimize further registration errors.

Federal authorities detected Salazar after he used his stolen ID to apply for a passport.

Following his prison stay, Salazar will be deported.

When asked about his fate, Salazar said, “he hoped for the best though at age 75 and without a penny, it’s hard to find a job. Oh well, I take pride that I leave my daughter here.”

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