Left wing assault on elections planed, cheered by progressives

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Democrats ditched their impeachment fever dream last weekend. This latest lash-out, a failure like the rest of their unhinged witch-hunts, is of a more trivial strain of activities planned for 2021.

Fresh off this second impeachment defeat and without a mandate (electoral wins in 2020 are legitimately questioned), some on the left are setting their sights on a heavy lift, rigging future elections.

In a “serious” piece published in New York Magazine, Andrew Cohen argues desperate for power Democrats should leverage their second impeachment loss to push for election legislation (For The People Act) they have zero business proposing, let alone cramming down the collective throat of the citizenry. The majority of Americans do not trust the 2020 election was fairly administered.

Cohen claims the election rigging legislation will result in a “coup-proof America.” Clever rhetoric, but the proposed legislation will have the opposite impact. It’s a coup on America via election system rigging.

It’s unconscionable but not wholly unpredictable that Democrats would be pushing for wholesale changes to how elections are run. Still, the proposed legislation will do more to undermine trust and further destabilize an already fragile political environment.

In part, the bill will mandate universal voting by mail. Mail-in voting isn’t secure and has historically been recognized (by bipartisan panels) as the form of voting most susceptible to fraud.

To borrow and amend [in bold] a sentiment from Cohen, “Democrats are unwilling to compete on policy and unwilling to lose again, so they are going to try to disenfranchise the people they know will vote against them. Some measures will sink, but others will become law.”

Ill-gotten Democrat majorities (that run contra to state-level gains by the GOP) will be swept away in 2022 if Democrats don’t rig the game. The For The People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Amendment Act are trying to do just that.

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