Mail-in Ballot Fraud Charges in Gregg County

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Yesterday, Attorney General Ken Paxton announced the arrest of four suspects in connection to a mail-in ballot fraud operation.

Gregg County Commissioner Shannon Brown along with Marlena Jackson, Charlie Burns, and DeWayne Ward stand accused of cheating in the 2018 Democrat Primary by falsifying mail-in ballot applications and ballots.

Direct Action Texas has worked with local activists in Gregg County since 2018 to address mail-in ballot fraud, and specifically felonous claims of disability on mail-in ballot applications.

State House member Jay Dean, who represents Gregg County, filed legislation during the legislative session to curb abuse of the disability option on mail ballot applications.

House Bill 1819 would have specified the meaning of disability for eligibility to vote by mail on both the ballot and application. The bill was never heard in committee.

While similar reforms were sought in other bills none became law and as a result, Texas is facing a mail ballot melee 39 days out from the election.

Currently, Chris Hollins the Harris County Clerk is encouraging voters to apply for mail-in ballots, efforting to send applications to all voters on the voter rolls in his county. This effort will more likely than not lead ineligible health voters to apply for a mail ballot as disabled.

Unfortunately, there’s a high likelihood that many votes cast by mail in the 2020 general election will go uncounted, this according to an abstract from a Harvard Data Science Review publication.

Indictments in the Gregg County mail-in ballot fraud case can be found here.

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