MISD and its allies continue to spin

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MISD’s public relations offensive continues.

At the start of the week, MISD’s pro-bond cheerleaders rightly questioned the chain of custody of the over 800 ballots discovered Monday. Later that same day, the cheerleaders asked a judge to count all “legal” ballots.

In the press, this was portrayed as MISD wanting to make sure all votes were counted, including the 800+ they’d previously thrown under the bus. Rick Davis suggested the found votes be tallied and added to the previous recount.

In addition to being slapdash, this suggested approach is likely not allowed. Continued fits and starts in election execution and messaging are why Midland voters are uncomfortable about this election.

MISD leadership has suggested it knows there’s no trust in this election. A new bond was suggested earlier in the week by MISD leadership but continued posturing suggests this may have been a head-fake.

This leads to a more cynical read of the initial petition to contest the election. The pro-bond crowd was going to shadow box with the school district, rush to exclude other parties from joining the suit and work to have a flawed election result stand. Pitiful but believable.

In its latest attempt to “win” the district is peddling via the MRT an admittedly flawed opinion. Buck Wood, who was a Secretary of State staffer nearly 50 years ago, suggests that there will be a complete recount including the 800 found ballots.

In the MRT piece, Wood breaks his own rule by making a prediction before knowing the judge and further undermines the credibility of his conclusions by admitting this case is unlike any other he’s seen.

Unaddressed in the article are the three glaring issues with the 800 ballots, no chain of custody, a phantom serial number and missing seal. No matter the outcome of a recount, these issues can’t be overcome.

This misguided article is like all others commissioned by the school district, half-cocked. What’s become abundantly clear is Midlanders will need to start putting pressure on school board members to right the ship.

Until a course correction is made, misdirecting messaging will continue to add insult to injury.

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