NBC Defends Illegal Voting

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In a recent NBC Nightly News segment, host Lester Holt bemoaned the case of a Texas woman who was convicted of knowingly voting illegally and sentenced to prison.

The woman in question, Crystal Mason, was initially tried and convicted of tax fraud. As a tax preparation professional, she was accused of manipulating her client’s earnings to inflate return amounts. For her participation in the scheme, she was sentenced to prison and probation.

In 2016, after being released from prison, Mason while a felon on probation voted for Hillary Clinton in the November election. Voting as a felon still serving a sentence (including probation or parole) is illegal in Texas.

Mason was informed following her conviction that she was not eligible to vote and would be removed from the voter rolls. Additionally, Mason in order to vote attested to the fact that she was not on probation at the time of her vote when in fact the opposite was true.

In 2018, Mason according to the Tarrant County district attorney chose a trial by jury instead of a plea deal and the judge “found beyond a reasonable doubt from the evidence that [Mason] knew she was not eligible to vote and voted anyway.”

NBC and Holt are doing what has been ongoing for some time, working to undermine credible prosecutions of illegal voters.

Laughably, leftwing groups suggest that Mason’s and other persecuted cases including that of Maria Ortega are examples of confused woman mistakenly believing they were eligible to vote.

Unfortunately for the left and their narrative, both Ortega and Mason were notified of their ineligibility to vote. In the case of Ortega, she took the additional step of falsifying an application after an initial application was submitted and rejected.

As for disparity in sentencing anecdotally covered in NBC’s Mason segment and elsewhere, by voting illegally Mason was breaking the law, again.

Emphasis on again. This is a pattern of behavior that the media is ignoring in the service of normalizing illegal participation in elections.

Holt in setting up the Mason puff piece says that Mason was trying to do her civic duty.

Again, we are talking about the woman who was convicted of defrauding the federal government. Apparently carrying out one’s civic duty is a subjective practice.

The justice system is an integral part of the American civil exercise. When one breaks a law it is their civic duty to fulfill the terms of the punishment prescribed.

Felon voting eligibility and conditions vary across the country. In Texas, felons who have completed the terms of their conviction (prison sentence, parole or probation) become eligible to vote.

What we have in Mason’s case and the left’s insistence that it be viewed as anything other than a triumph of upholding the law is another example of their disdain for the law and desire for a free for all voting environment, not a comforting thought headed into 2020.

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