New Election Results Bring Justice

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It’s not just a victory for Tracy Gray, but a victory for all the voters whose voices were potentially stolen in the March Republican Primary in Kaufman County. Shortly after the Primary, Gray filed an Election Contest alleging that her election had been stolen. In April Judge Marty Lowy granted her a new election in the County Court at Law #1 race.  He ruled that 9 provisional ballots should have been counted and that at least 5 mail-in ballots should not have been counted, leading to results that could not be determined for one side or the other. Direct Action Texas reported on the election contest and went on to file election fraud complaints with the Secretary of State which lead to an investigation by the Office of the Attorney General.

The new election was held on July 21stThe results were drastically different.

Take a close look at the results from the original election, the March Republican Primary. Notice how the percentage of the vote each candidate receives for early voting and in person are consistent, varying by only 2%. Contrast that with the mail-in ballot percentages. There is a huge difference – 11 percentage points. That indicates the possibility of an artificial increase in the mail-in votes for incumbent Dennis Jones.

The new election told a very different story. This time the results percentages were consistent across the board, mail-in ballots varying by only one percent from early voting and election day results. This is the way election results typically look.

In the election contest the numbers were backed up by testimony. One by one, voter after voter, told his or her story about how a woman named Brenda Prince allegedly assisted with the voter’s ballot. According to testimony, her alleged assistance included choosing the candidates for the voter. Mrs. Prince’s own testimony did little to reassure the Court.

In his tentative findings, Judge Lowy stated that the “Court is unable to credit most of Mrs. Prince’s testimony.” He went on to say that he would instead credit the testimony of the voters. He stated that his opinion was that “Mrs. Prince or someone not only assisted these voters but voted for them.”

Throughout the Election Contest it became clear that Tracy Gray had her election stolen from her through mail-in ballot fraud. She and her team had worked countless hours reaching out to voters and gaining support. Then, on Election Day, the results came out and Gray saw the inconsistencies. Thankfully she had the courage to fight. Through that courage, the prowess of her attorneys, a federal court ruling, and a fair-minded judge, Kaufman County’s voters were finally able to make their voices heard without interference. Most Runoffs have a turnout of 5-10%, but 26% of Kaufman County turned out to vote. Finally, voters filled out their own ballots, and the result was clear. Kaufman chose Tracy Gray.

Election fraud cases are difficult to prosecute and don’t often result in convictions, but an open investigation can, and it seems in this case did, have a chilling effect on those who would commit fraud. Sometimes it is enough to simply stop the fraud, other times more can be done. In the end whether or not someone ends up in handcuffs, justice did prevail on July 21stin Kaufman County in the form of a new, fair election.

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