Non-citizens removed from voter rolls have been voting

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Non-citizens registered to vote (and voting in some cases) are voluntarily taking themselves off voter rolls according to testimony given Monday at a hearing in San Antonio.

Left-wing groups are trying to stop routine list maintenance initiated by the Secretary of State to remove non-citizens from voting rolls, a needed process that is working.

Keith Ingram, elections director for the secretary of state’s office, testified that 45 non-citizens with recent voting histories have taken themselves off voter rolls. These non-citizens appear to have done so without receiving a notice from county officials.

In January, the secretary of state’s office sent a list of 100,000 potential non-citizens who were registered to vote to county officials calling on them to investigate and if warranted send letters of determination to verify citizenship status. The left and allies in the media sprang into action to stop the effort.

As a result of lawsuits and widespread repeated criticism, several counites have not sent letters to potential noncitizens. Others have said they will not remove voters from rolls, even those known to be ineligible to vote.

Of the aforementioned voters who have asked to be removed from the voter roll, seven have voted in more than one election according to Ingram. Currently, nearly 100 individuals have asked to be removed from the voter roll.

Also disclosed during Monday’s hearing, in the last month data from DPS was used by the secretary of state’s office to identify 1,000 noncitizens on voter rolls. These names according to testimony have not been referred to the counties or Texas Attorney General due to pending litigation.

And, this appears to the aim of the left, keep voter rolls occupied with illegal voters. Litigants have asked that judges stop list maintenance activities as lawsuits are pursued. These requests are being made in full view of identified illegal voting. The left in Texas is not seeking compromise that would result in the accurate administration of Texas elections.

In addition to the nearly 75,000 potentially non-citizens identified in this initial list maintenance activity, a much larger list of individuals with questionable status exists according to the recent testimony of Secretary of State David Whitley.

Further testimony Monday revealed the list originally sent by the secretary of state to counties was the best list it believed could be sent.

Betsy Schonhoff, a now-former employee of in the secretary of state’s office, testified that she spoke with the DPS ahead of the release and was under the impression that no further refinements could be made.

It was only after the list was released that Schonhoff and the secretary of state’s office was informed that additional database resources existed that would further pare down the list of potential non-citizens registered to vote.

Of course, sheepish Republicans have scattered in the face of a fight with Democrats over the most crucial element of our government.

San Antonio based U.S. District Judge Fred Biery on Monday instructed a few counties to hold off on sending letters of determination or removing identified ineligible voters from the rolls.

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