Patriots Needed NOW to Secure Elections

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Time is almost up to fill some of the most critical positions in the upcoming November Elections. Election Judges and Clerks, the Early Voting Ballot Board, and the Signature Verification Committee all have deadlines of October 1st.

Across the state, there are countless polling locations that will be staffed with members of only one party. This leaves the election wide open for fraud. Both parties must be present to oversee the process jointly to ensure trust in the outcome.

In all but 21 counties in Texas, Republican Governor Greg Abbott received the majority of the vote. This means that the Presiding Judge of both the polling locations and the Early Voting Ballot Board should be a Republican. However, if no Republican is available to fill the role, the Presiding Judge is now a Democrat. The reverse is true in those 21 Democrat-controlled counties.

Election Judges and Clerks

This is the front lines of the Election. You can work throughout Early Voting or just on Election Day. In fact, more people are needed for Election Day because typically there is a much larger number of polling locations on the day itself. You do get paid to be a poll worker. The amount is based on your role.

It is crucial to fill the Judge positions first. However, if you are not comfortable with the responsibility or time commitment, you can be a clerk. Clerks typically work a shorter shift than the Judge.

Early Voting Ballot Board

The Early Voting Ballot Board (EVBB) is the last line of defense. They are responsible for mail-in ballots, overseas/military ballots, and provisional ballots. Their tasks take place inside the Elections Office, away from the public, but Poll Watchers are allowed and recommended.

Signature Verification Committee

This is an optional committee that can be established either by the Early Voting Clerk/Elections Administrator or by a petition signed by at least 15 registered voters in the county. Their primary responsibility is to verify that the signature on the carrier envelope containing the voted ballot is that of the voter. If this committee is not established, the task is given to the Early Voting Ballot Board.

If You Would Like to Fill One of These Positions:

Contact the GOP Headquarters or Elections Office in your county.

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