Rabid Left Coming for Texas

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In case you’ve been hiding under a rock since January, the left is serious about winning in Texas. This thirst to win includes a fight to allow non-citizens to vote in 2020.

There’s little else that can explain the continued obsession with Governor Greg Abbott and his appointee to Secretary of State, David Whitley. Continued attacks on Abbott are meant to send a message, we will protect non-citizens voting and we’ll destroy anyone who gets in our way.

The chosen method of destruction, a mass public relations campaign and threats of litigation. Both can be defeated. The media has been neutered by President Trump time and again on the national/international stage. The level of amplification is certainly smaller given the venue (Texas) and the case that Abbott needs to make is not an overly burdensome one, non-citizens shouldn’t be voting in Texas elections.

News of “shocking” emails interpreted to show Abbott kickstarting an effort to remove non-citizens from voter rolls broke yesterday after our article, Democrats Don’t Play Ball. The timing could not have been better.

On the surface, the left appears to be confused about the relationship between the governor’s office and the secretary of state. This is part of the act. The secretary of state serves at the will of the Governor. While the office is typically pomp and circumstance, it’s a part of the executive branch.

When it comes to the actions undertaken by Whitley, specifically working to clean up Texas voter rolls by removing non-citizens, it should come as no surprise that Abbott would be in favor of the push, even if he denies directly calling for the initiative.

The deranged obsession of the left is on display when simple observations easily upend hyperbole. These folks want continual blood, in this case, Whitley’s, again. Let’s reiterate, this is not blood for the sake of blood, it’s meant to be a warning to others, don’t try and protect your elections.

This push back can be interpreted as a sign that Abbott and Whitley were right to push for list maintenance, specifically removing non-citizens from the voter rolls. That the exercise undertaken in January went sideways due to a lack of information, administrators operating in bad faith and confusion that comes with being under attack should not preclude it from happening in the future.

Polling conducted by the University of Texas at Austin shows that almost 50% of polled Republicans believe that non-citizens are voting in Texas elections. They’re right.

It is a fact that non-citizens are registered to vote and have been voting in elections, this is according to testimony taken under oath during a February hearing. Abbott rehiring Whitley is going to net the governor credibility with sane law-abiding Texans. The left fighting for non-citizens to steal votes is undermining trust in our elections.

So, just because it was not handled correctly the first time is not a reason to abandon the effort to remove non-citizens from voter rolls. No, in fact, there were attempts and will need to be efforts in the future to have citizenship checks baked into list upkeep process.

Ignore the whining from LULAC and lawmakers, the settlement reached between the secretary of state and groups who oppose Texas’ right to protect elections from undue influence. Future sessions should prioritize processes that remove non-citizens from Texas voting rolls.

The fight over Whitley is a concoction of the left mostly being played out in the minds of politicians. Do a man on the street and it’s unlikely that the matter will be on the radar of most Texans

In all of this, we are given another example of why kumbaya does not work. During self-imposed truces, ground is ceded. The ground being fought over now is the non-controversial position that non-citizens should not be voting in Texas elections. The actions of the left are aimed to protect non-citizens voting in Texas. Texans calling for cleaning up this activity, including Abbott and Whitely are according to the left, “a bunch of racists pigs.”

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