Same Song Different Verse on Election Integrity

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The left is setting up to try and block needed election integrity reforms in Texas.

Their plan is, in part, a retread of the one used to slow and kill SB9, an omnibus election integrity bill proposed in 2019.

The tactic, vilify a person who will prominently feature along the path to reform, is in this case aimed at Chairman of the House Elections Committee, Rep. Briscoe Cain.

Before the snowstorm last week, a coordinated attack by multiple progressive media outlets against Cain sporting identical liberal talking points was launched.

Since election integrity is a priority of the grassroots and Governor Greg Abbott, expect this drumbeat to continue and grow. In interviews following his State of the State, Abbott stated SB9 would be a good starting place for legislation this session.

Several of the provisions in SB9 would have limited exposure to fraud and lowered distrust, exacerbated by the progressive’s bum-rush on election systems in 2020.

That’s bad news for would-be hacks looking to disrupt future elections as they were upended 2020.

Grassroots activists interested in the passage of the election integrity need to start bolstering lawmakers who will be integral in the process, including Chairman Cain.

His office phone number is: (512) 463-0733.

The Elections Committee should prioritize reforms that build trust in elections, and bills headed to the floor should be meaningful, not performative, and include at a minimum:

  • Reforms to list maintenance, including enforcement
  • Reform mail-in balloting to protect against abuse
  • Stop big tech companies from interfering in elections.

There are other strong measures but these represent an axis of reform that will ensure fair elections in Texas in 2022.

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