SB 1340: Smart Election Integrity Bill That Needs to Pass

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Today, Sen. Dawn Buckingham announced the filing of SB 1340, an election integrity bill aimed at the root of all election integrity issues, maintaining accurate voter rolls.

One of the bill’s key provisions is to create dual registrar duties with the Secretary of State acting as a final arbiter on the veracity of Texas’ voter roll. Currently major counties in the state are not regularly maintaining the rolls.

Polling conducted before the 2020 election showed Texans of all political stripes are concerned with ineligible voters taking part in our elections. The only way for this to occur is with a dirty roll.

Democrats in 2020 filed several lawsuits, one of which added voters to the rolls with online voter registration. This and other changes to election administration were meant to circumvent the legislative process and need to be corrected immediately, SB 1340 is a step in that direction.

Adding individuals to the voter rolls are good, but changes should be made via legislative action, not hook-or-crook litigation.

SB 1340 codifies adding voters with online registration when renewing a driver’s license but also provides for removing voters who are 1) non-citizens, 2) have moved out of state 3) are felons yet to complete their sentence 4) are deceased.

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