Dickey’s Dumpster Fire

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The GOP Convention is a complete disaster.

One participant we spoke with said, “this is so bad, I can’t describe how horrible this is.”

This morning Chairman James Dickey kicked off the convention despite widespread reports that delegates were not being credentialed by the hundreds, if not thousands.

An inauspicious start that would just get worse.

Delegates and alternates who are in the virtual voting are being denied their right to a secret ballot. Moderators, the CD caucus chair, are looking at names with yes or no and tallying votes.

Screenshots of these votes may exist, but it’s unclear if parties from separate camps are allowed to oversee the tallying or if any accountability or permanent record exists.

Worse, apparently GOP staff in a move of last-minute desperation went with a plan that does not have the ability for delegates to confirm that their vote was recorded as cast.

There does not appear to be a rule allowing such a waiver of the rule requiring this feature. The staff that has destroyed this convention continue to run roughshod over the rules.

Additionally, it’s been reported that CDs are allowing folks to enter caucuses without being credentialed, letting people into virtual rooms by giving them host status.

These issues are on top of the hundreds of individuals who have not been credentialed despite their best efforts and the hundreds more who have not been able to join onto the platform.

Please give us a call and leave a message with your experiences:

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Hill County – What Happened?

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Direct Action Texas has obtained a copy of a letter from the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) summarizing the results of their investigation into the Hill County 2016 Republican Primary. “In short, we found that a series of negligent errors on the part of election officials caused the skewed ballot count.” It goes on to state “This case highlights that inadequate safeguards exist to prevent such errors in future elections.” The full letter can be read HERE.

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