Tarrant County vs. Fort Bend County Betrays Weak Election Fraud Supposition

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The internet can be pretty worthless. Take, for instance, incomplete, inaccurate, and irrelevant information being passed around about Tarrant County Elections.

Conspiracy theorists have created conjecture that because Tarrant County’s election administrator is an immigrant from Venezuela and has worked in elections professionally for more than 15 years, including as a programmer for Smartmatic that something untoward took place in the 2020 election in Tarrant County.

The “proof” according to these mental midgets is that Biden narrowly won the county this year.

It’s not a compelling argument. If it were, a similar case could be made for fraud in another Texas county with a similar shift from GOP to Democrat in the past three voting cycles, Fort Bend County.

In fact, the shift in Fort Bend County is arguably worse; the only problem for the grifters and bots peddling the Tarrant County line is there’s no conspiracy juice.

No foreigner to blame. No irrelevant (non-compelling) video of a hearing in the Philippines. No history of the election administrator working for a company mentioned during a press conference last Thursday by a legendary Norwegian squid.

No conspiracy juice.

In fact, looking at Fort Bend County does more damage to the conspiracy since the two counties in question use different election equipment.

There is widespread confusion about the election equipment used in Tarrant County. Spoiler alert for the “red-pilled” among you, it’s not Dominion. Tarrant County uses a Hart Intercivic system with Verity Duo software.

Don’t believe it? Check for yourself. In fact, search for Dominion and Smartmatic while you’re there. Sorry, one more spoiler alert, you won’t find either in Texas.

Direct Action Texas has run investigations in both counties, for what it’s worth; and therefore, had to deal with both election departments; Tarrant is better run and more transparent.

Aside from grifters and randos on Twitter, Texas State Representative Steve Toth has gotten swept up in the conspiratorial dog-whistling.

Toth did not respond to a request for comment. If a reply comes, this article will be updated.

Innuendo suggesting fraud was perpetrated in Tarrant County by the election administrator is baseless and neglects the facts on the ground. Further, shallow smears and conspiracy are detrimental to election integrity efforts.

Unfortunately, Texas does have partisan hacks running elections that are not being scrutinized as activist energy is turned to inane recantations of the past, a disinformation campaign meant to distract and destroy.

Direct Action understands fraud occurs in every election and works to discover and prove fraud on an ongoing basis. At this time, there’s a lack of compelling reasoning that widespread electronic fraud was perpetrated in Tarrant County.

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