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This coming Monday night, October 17th, for the first time publicly, I’ll be presenting what has been going on in Tarrant County relative to voter fraud.

The downtown crowd, like County Judge Glen Whitley, Mayor Price, and others, would have you believe all is well, there is nothing to see here — move along. Interestingly enough, they say this all the while never having seen, nor inquired about, the evidence. In typical fashion they are circling the wagons, but this time the evidence is just too overwhelming. The fact that they have shown no interest in understanding or fixing the problem should be problematic to all Tarrant County residents.

What is this evidence? How do you know there is actual fraud? Well simply put, until Monday night, you don’t. In the meantime I want to leave this gem here for all to read and consider. Last October Direct Action Texas sent a complaint to the Secretary of Statesos-ltr-investigatoin-redacted-pg1 (SoS). In Texas, the SoS is the recipient of election complaints. They review each complaint to see if there are any apparent violations of the election code. If so, they then refer it to the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) for criminal investigation and prosecution.

In forwarding our complaint for investigation and prosecution the Director of Elections for the SoS, Keith Ingram, stated our complaint was toosos-ltr-investigatoin-redacted-pg2 “voluminous” to list everything in his letter, HOWEVER these are the “potential crimes that his office believes may have been committed”:

1. Failure to Comply Section 1.011 as a Witness

2. Improperly Serving as a Witness for Multiple Voters

3. Forgery and Tampering with a Governmental Recordsos-ltr-investigatoin-redacted-pg3

4. Unlawful Possession of a Carrier Envelope

5. Improper Assistance

It is important to note that he states that these violations have occurred over multiple election cycles. There are also hundreds of cases of each, in some cases, thousands. Let me assure you, since this letter was written, the investigation has grown in scope significantly.

Until Monday night I’ll leave you with this redacted copy of the SoS letter.

One last thought – for those of you casting doubt as to the legitimacy of the investigation “rumors”…I leave you both the governor of the State of Texas’ and the Texas’ Attorney General’s Tweets about this investigation. That is about as much of an admission of the investigation the public is going to receive of an active, ongoing criminal investigation. abbotttweet


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