Update: The Residency Game

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Direct Action Texas (DAT) has now filed an official election complaint with the Texas Secretary of State (SoS) concerning Jay Harris of Denton County. DAT recently reported on his problematic application for Precinct Chair of precinct 4006. On his application Harris lists his address as 900 Bluebonnet, but Harris actually lives in precinct 1015, at 2221 Hollyhill.

Not only are the two precincts on opposites sides of the city, they also have different representation. For instance, while Harris should be voting in Senate District 12, he will be voting in Senate District 30, potentially illegally. The people he currently represents are not his neighbors. He doesn’t live in their community. He has to drive almost 20 minutes to get there from his actual residence.

He could run against the current precinct chair in 1015, but that would unseat his daughter, Jennifer Harris, who lives with her parents. Jay Harris’s wife and daughter are both registered to vote at 2221 Hollyhill. His driver license even says he lives at 2221 Hollyhill. Are the voters to believe he lives separately from his family and just hasn’t had time to update his license? Doubtful.

As of today, it is up to the SoS to decide if they will refer the case to the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) for investigation. DAT has alleged two violations: Penal Code 37.10, tampering with a governmental record, and Election Code 64.012, illegal voting.

Even if the SoS and OAG fail to act, the voters of precinct 4006 should. Find someone to run for Precinct Chair in 2020. Find someone that truly represents your neighborhood, not someone misrepresenting himself to gain a title.



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