Voter Fraud Is Not Real…Haven’t You Heard?

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How many times have you heard concerns of voter fraud be dismissed by politicians, media pundits, or the Democrat Party of Texas?

In 2012, the Donna ISD school board president hung himself after the FBI pressed for an indictment on grounds that he stole his election using fraud.[1]

In 2015, six people were convicted of felony voter fraud in Hildalgo County, Texas for harvesting mail in ballots fraudulently in several local elections.[2]

In the 2016 Republican primary in Hill County, Texas, election officials claimed 9,038 ballots were cast, yet only 7,171 voters actually voted in that election.[3] There were 1,800 votes counted with no voters to go with them, and on that very ballot three races were determined by less that 70 votes.

In 2017, Rosa Ortega (a legal resident) was convicted and sentenced to 8 years in Tarrant County, Texas after she illegally voted for 10 years, although she is not a citizen of the US.[4] The very same year, an Ellis County, Texas constable was removed from office and convicted for having stolen his election using fraud.[5]

In 2018, Tarrant County convicted a felon of illegal voting after she intentionally voted after having been told, in writing, she was not eligible to do so.[6] Just  last week, a judge ordered a new election in Kaufman County, Texas after it was shown in court that fraudulent ballots were improperly counted.[7] I could continue, the list is long – and these are just Texas.

Like most people, I used to not think much about voter fraud. If it existed, I figured it was minimal and in places like Chicago. I never expected it to be in my backyard – republican controlled Fort Worth, Texas.

My first taste of voter fraud was in a local water board race in 2015. Yes, a water-board race. Our opponents used what is called vote harvesting to defeat us. I had never heard of such a thing. Since then I have documented wide-scale voter fraud in five Texas counties.

Direct Action Texas, the organization I lead, currently has active investigations into fraud in the most recent March 6, 2018 primaries in another six counties, several of which are rural counties. I mention that because it is believed that election fraud is a plight of the urban minority community, but we have found it to be an equal opportunity offender between urban and rural.

Perhaps the saddest part of the story, is that voter fraud is crime whose victims are mostly Hispanic or African-American. The profile of voters who are victims of vote harvesting are usually over the age of 80, ethnic minorities, and relatively uneducated.

These are the very voters least likely to discover someone voted on their behalf and much less likely to call law enforcement about it. The irony is the political organizations who claim to “look after the downtrodden,” namely the Democratic Party, are the very ones who refuse to acknowledge the crime being committed. Rather, it is conservatives who are fighting to rid us of this cancer thereby protecting future victims.

But the real question remains: Why does the media and the Democrat Party get away with telling the public there is no voter fraud? There are several reasons.

Firstly, most of these crimes are misdemeanors under state statute, making them unworthy causes to investigators and prosecutors. (In 2017, Texas changed them to felonies!) These are some of the most complicated cases to try in court and simply not worth the hassle for a misdemeanor.

The victims are 80 plus years old, and by the time these cases go to court two to three years have passed. The senior voters simply cannot recall what happened in an election three years ago, any defense attorney can break their testimony apart. No prosecutor in their right mind will try these cases, so they are either never indicted, or they plea out to deferred adjudication, which is not a conviction. As a result, the media comes along and asks law enforcement for election fraud convictions, and there simply are very few, if any. The inability to prosecute is a very real problem.

In Hill County, Texas the primary showed over 9,000 ballots cast but only 7,171 voters…a basic math problem obvious to anyone. However, the county republican party, the county commissioners, the Republican Party of Texas, and the Secretary of State, all certified the election! Discovering the problem only required basic, fourth-grade math skills – check your math. A criminal investigation by the Texas Attorney General’s office found that election suffered from massive ineptness and an inability to count. The result was an incorrect election count, which stands to this day.

The biggest thing I’ve learned over the last few years is that there is no agency, no department, no bureaucrat with the job of insuring the integrity of our elections. Hill County is the poster child for that problem.

It also goes back to the original question at hand: Is voter fraud real? Well, if no one is watching, how do we know?

In the short amount of time Direct Action Texas has been watching we have documented extensive fraud, yet there is no parallel government body watching.

Few incentives to prosecute, difficult cases to investigate, combined with a lack of oversight and accountability for the bureaucracies charged with administering election, all lead to a winning narrative – albeit a false one – that “voter fraud doesn’t exist.”

It’s time our elected officials take this issue seriously and make this pillar of our government – free and fair elections – a political priority both at the state and federal capitols. Until they do, the Left and their media sycophants will continue to get away with their narrative and elections will continue to be called erroneously.









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