Warning: Liberals Seek to Abuse COVID19 Crisis

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Texans most likely to be impacted by COVID19 already have access to mail-in balloting.

Calls to increase balloting by mail under the guise of public health and safety are disingenuous and dangerous to the democratic process.

Many actions undertaken during Governor Abbott’s emergency declaration due to the COVID19 outbreak are good temporary and possibly permanent policy.

Calls for the STARR test to be canceled this year make sense now and will be used to cancel the test permanently, a popular move with Texans.

This and similar policy shifts are meritorious but others are purely opportunistic, falling in the “never let a crisis go to waste” category.

A good example, Progressive activists seeking to abuse the COVID crisis to expand voting by mail.

In addition to the most vulnerable already having access to this form of voting, an unwarranted increase would cripple election administration in a year when execution has been and will likely be strained.

Further, mail-in ballot fraud is the most often used form of fraud and its increase would be a blow to election integrity.

Direct Action Texas opposes any increase to balloting by mail.

Precautions including disinfecting polling equipment and pop up sanitation stations should be used to mitigate spread when run-off voting commences in May and for that matter in November.

We have the moral authority to ensure votes aren’t stolen by harvesters and that panic doesn’t drive sound policy setting by duly elected members of the House and Senate.

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