What is going on in Midland?

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Two weeks ago, a local election involving the issuance of a $569 million bond for Midland ISD was unofficially said to have passed.

Then, when the votes were officially tabulated, the measure was shown to have failed.

Now, after a recount, the bond appears to have passed but there is a discrepancy that could mean this debacle will continue.

In addition to the seesawing results, there are other worrisome things about this election.

On election night members of a well organized and funded pro-bond group were allowed to witness ballot-counting while members of an anti-bond organization were excluded. Absent paperwork was blamed.

Well funded pro-bond group?

Yes, the We Choose Our Future PAC was established to push for the bond, raised nearly a quarter of a million and spent heavily according to the two reports on file with the Texas Ethics Commission.

In this local bond election, two polls were conducted for the group by Baselice & Associates Inc. costing $14,974.00 and $23,549.00 respectively and the consulting firm The Tyson Organization was hired to phone bank 

The Tyson Organization has an exclusively liberal clientele, boasting some of the most extreme left candidates and causes in Texas. Here are just a few across three categories.

In the last election cycle, the group worked to elect Nathan Jonhson in his run against Sen. Don Huffines and in 2019 worked to advance a Dallas ISD bond.

The left is good at creating piles of money that can be tapped to enrich benefactors and back candidates sympathetic to their causes.

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